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Turbo Kit for the Lancair Legacy
Developed for Darryl Greenamyer’s five-time Reno Air Race champion plane, this kit contains all the parts necessary to turn your Lancair Legacy into a bona fide turbo charged race plane. Below is a list of parts and pricing. Click on images below for a larger view.

Firewall Close Out Box $317.50
Intake (Super Legacy) $670.00
Intake Tube Halves ($104.00 ea) $208.00
Plenum Intake $880.00
Top Plenum $255.00
Intake Backs $210.00
Cowling (top & bottom) $2,677.50
Oil Cooler Support $210.00
Battery Box $98.00
Baffle Attach Parts $126.00
High Temp Intake Tubes (inner) $283.50
High Temp Intake Tubes (outer) $304.50
Inter Cooler Close Out $24.50
Nose Gear Close Out Box $256.00
Silicone Intake Seals ($87.50 ea) $175.00
Plenum Attach Parts ($58.25 ea) $116.50
Inter-cooler Fairing (turbo) ($196.00 ea) $392.00
Silicone Oil Door Seal $50.00
Prop Gov. Drive $388.00
Engine Hoses Kit $610.00
Engine Baffling Kit $720.00
Turbo Check Valves ($87.50 ea) $175.00
Engine Mount $825.00
Prop Governor $1300.00

Parts Total $11,271.50
Estimated assembly time (100 man hours) $5500.00
Estimated Cost for Turbo Conversion $16,771.50

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