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Aerochia began by assisting Darryl Greenmeyer in building a highly modifed twin-turbo Lancair Legacy to compete at Reno in the Sport Class. We returned year after year and have dominated the class ever since.

We developed and produced the Custom cowling, Induction Intakes, Twin Turbo System with Exhaust and Wastegate, Nose Gear Close-out Box, Rear Mounted Prop Governor,Recessed Firewall Box, Custom Built Engine mounts, Custom Canopy Frame with Forward Latch Systemand more to push the Lancair design to further out-class anything else on the course.

Now with three of these "Super Legacies" behind us, we are currently working on two more and building an NXT with a highly modified empanage and tail. We are availble anytime to discuss a project you may be considering. Contact us anytime!

Andy Chiavetta,
Aerochia Inc.

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