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Aerodynamic Speed Kit for the Lancair Legacy
This kit includes fuselage panels, horizontal fillets and wing root fillets. Click for more information.

Normal Aspirated Parts for the Lancair Legacy
With this modification you will increase the speed of a stock Legacy from smaller inlets, engine plenum, nose wheel enclosure and cowl flaps. Improved cooling and higher speeds. Click for more information.
Turbo Kit for the Lancair Legacy
We developed this complete modification to the Lancair Legacy to allow for the installation of a TSIO-550. Click for more information.
Auxiliary Tanks for the Lancair Legacy
This kit adds 14.5 additional gallons of fuel and is available in left or righthand configuration behind the seat back. Click for more information.
Aft Canopy Kit for the Lancair Legacy
For racing or for emergency egress this canopy will open and depart the aircraft upon manual deployment. Click for more information.

Aerodynamic Speed Kit for the Lancair IV-P/ES
This kit is our newest addition to speed enhancements for the four-seat Lancair IV or ES. Designed for a TSIO-550 powerplant this kit includes plenum, air box, turbo intake tubes and acomplete new cowl. Improved speed and cooling. Click for more information.

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